Dr Facek is a specialist knee surgeon and
also treats general orthopaedic trauma.

Sports knee surgery
 – cruciate and collateral ligament surgery
 – patellar stabilisation surgery
 – meniscal surgery

Arthritic conditions
 – total knee replacement (robotic)
– unicompartmental knee replacement (robotic)  
 – tibial realignment osteotomy
 – revision knee replacement

Bony Knee Trauma
 – knee fracture surgery
 – periprosthetic fracture surgery
 – tendon repair surgery

General Orthopaedic Trauma
 – general adult and paediatric orthopaedic trauma

Rehabilitation Protocols – For Patients and Physiotherapists

Conservative Management of Knee Osteoarthritis – For Patients

Knee Replacement & Obesity – For Patients

High Tibial Osteotomy – For Patients